Hip Hop from the Shire………..
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Our super duper new visual for “Ponder The Wonder” Jet setting yeti love.

Ello Ello, here’s the new single Dirty Days. This is the third release from the upcoming album……



New single “Page End” taken from our up coming album “Accidental Inspiration” with a video to boot. Shoot in the Shire, you knows if you knows……


(Page End, 2016)


(Rhythm And Poetry – full album, 2006)

(From The Bedroom – full album, 2000)

(Obvious Clap, 2003)



Jon Todd and Chris Moxey met as 5 year olds at Sticklepath Primary School in Barnstaple, Devon. Growing up together, combined with their mutual love of Hip Hop music,  led them to form UNKNOWN in 1992……..

They began buying records and learning how to mix as well as learning the raps of their favourite M.C’s such as (Wu tang, NWA, Snoop, Cypress Hill). This then led to them writing their own lyrics and dropping them over instrumental records and recording them, on cassette tapes…

After purchasing a drum machine and a sampler, the pair began making their own beats and producing their first tracks……

In 2000 they teamed up with RichT on the artwork and released their debut album FROM THE BEDROOM. …….

In 2005 the pair met Kieran Hennessy  and formed THE BREAKS, they also started work on their next album RHYTHM AND POETRY which was released in 2006. Rich T, once again, combined the music with stunning organic visuals……..

The trio are set to release their third album in August 2016………