Sample based soundscapes recorded live with drums and bass.







MATHnamics, what does it all mean?…….

In 2014 the 4 founding members (Moxey, Adam, Todd, Hennessy) went back to the original roots of what THE BREAKS spawned from. Bringing turntables and samplers back in the mix, along with drums and bass. ……..

A melting point of genres/styles, MATHnamics have no rules. The music comes from jams, nothing pre written, what was heard in the moment is what you get on the final release, keeping it totally raw and original. ……….

For the last 10 years, when not writing music with the breaks, these 4 members always continued to experiment with sound. This is the result of that time spent together. They released their first album PRIME SNIPPETS in 2014…….


53 thoughts on “Mathnamics

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